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Hi! Welcome to The Coral Guy's Aquarium Links page. Here you will find a listing of Reef Aquarium and related links that I have found interesting and/or informative. If you have a website and want to place your link on my site, please send me the address of your page and I will establish a link for it. All I ask is that you return the favor and a link to my page on your website.

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Other Hobbyist's Web Sites

Below are links to other great aquarium web sites that were built by hobbyits like myself. I suggest that you read through the material contained within them. I am always learning something new when I visit other hobbyists websites.

Rodney's Reef Aquarium

Rednecks Reef Page

Scott Harris' Home Page

Jay's Reef

Jeff Pfohl's Home Page

My Reef Aquarium and Other Mates

Eddies Marine Reef Aquarium Page

Luis Mercado's Planet Reef

Albert Thiel's Web Site

Reef Friendly Aquarium Stores

Below is a listing of Reef Friendly Aquarium Stores. Some I have purchased items from and some I have not. If I was unhappy with the merchandise that I purchased from a store, of course it is not listed here. If you have had problems with a store listed on this site, please let me know and I may get rid of the link. If you know of an aquarium store that is not listed on this site but you have only good things to say about them, please let me know and I will include a link to that store's page on my site.

World Wide Pet Supply By far the cheapest place on the net for both hard and soft corals. Recenly, I took advantage of their 5 soft corals for $55.00. I could not believe how large these corals were. I really got my monies worth.

Other Great Websites

Nick Cannizzaro's Quicklinks Site

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