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The Coral Guys Propagation Page
Save the Oceans Reefs.  Propagate Your Own Inhabitants!
A picture some of the brood stock that I use for propagation.

Hi! Welcome to my propagation webpage. I have been propagating my own inhabitants for about 1 year. Let me tell you how amazing it is to see new propagated inhabitants grow in my aquariums. So, far I've propagated many types of soft corals which include mushrooms, several types of leather corals, star polips, zoanthids, and xenia, . I recently purchased my first SPS frag and so far it is doing very well. Eventually, I will be propagating this as well.

Propagated inhabitants are much hardier than wild inhabitants because they have adapted to your aquarium conditions. The thing that I like most about propagating my own inhabitants is that I will eventually be able to fill every square inch on my reef with a reef inhabitant. Prior to hobbyists propagating their own inhabitants, this was pretty much impossible to accomplish this. I learned much of what I know from experimentation and reading articles published on the Here you will find a ton of information on the subject of reef propagation and the hobby in general.

Please share with me your experiences with propagating reef inhabitants. Communication between hobbyists is essential if we ever hope to stop robbing the oceans reefs of it's inhabitants.

Picture of the leather coral that I propagated. Notice the nice polip extention. The polip extention sometimes is as high as 1/4 inch. This species is doing very well in my aquarium. I will be propagating this coral within the next month. I will share with you how to do so and will track the growth of the new coral.Propagating Leather Coral is Easy. Try it Some Time!

Xenia Propagation

Xenia is one of my favorite species. Everytime someone looks at my aquarium, they comment and ask me questions about my Xenia. Propagating Xenia is easy. The hardest part is getting up the nerve to do so.

In order to propagate Xenia, you will need the following materials: